"I have to be honest," the Real Housewives star says, "I'm okay with it"

There’s a good reason Lisa Vanderpump didn’t shed a tear after her elimination from Dancing with the Stars on Tuesday.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star – who was partnered with hot new pro Gleb Savchenko – felt “an element of relief” to leaving the competition, she told PEOPLE backstage after her dismissal.

“I have to be honest,” she said. “I’m okay with it. That’s why I didn’t fall apart crying.”

In fact, Vanderpump is proud of what she’s accomplished. “I did it,” she said. “It’s the fourth week of the competition. We knew we weren’t going to win. We were competing against an Olympian and a 16-year-old dancer. I’m a 52-year-old restaurateur. Give me a break. It is what it is.”

Although she says her early dismissal was “kind of in the cards, so to speak,” she isn’t entirely sure what sent her home so soon.

“[People at the show] said to me, maybe some of my fans didn’t vote for me because they thought, ‘Let her go home. She’s exhausted.’ I don’t know.”

Vanderpump, who “felt so crappy” while performing Monday’s cha cha while sick, told reporters she didn’t want to see the footage of her fainting spell during rehearsals last week. “I was like, ‘Please, please take that out.’ [The producers] were like, ‘This is reality [TV]. We might show your best moments, but we’ll definitely show your worst’ … It was just exhaustion, everything together.”

But feeling better on Tuesday, the Housewife thanks Savchenko for guiding her through her DWTS journey.

“I know I couldn’t have done this without [Gleb],” she said. “He was just amazing. I don’t know what the other pros were like, but he was just the perfect fit for me.”

And Savchenko had nice things to say about Vanderpump, as well. “The whole experience was amazing,” he said. “I’m going to miss the laughs – the jokes she makes. She’s got a great sense of humor. I think we’re friends for life. Seven weeks together, every single day. I’ve spent a lot more time with her [lately] than with my wife.”