"You'll see how fun and lighthearted the dance is," she writes

By Cheryl Burke
Updated October 17, 2011 10:05 AM
Craig Sjodin/ABC

When we were in the bottom two last week, I was nervous because Chynna was definitely one of the top contenders, even if she did have an off night. I thought for sure the voters would have her back.

You could just tell that she had so much potential as a dancer. She did an amazing rumba the week before. I thought she and Tony would have made it at least to the final four.

You never know how the votes will turn out. It really goes to show it could be any of us who gets sent home, and if you mess up even once, you could be eliminated.

Rob was relieved when we were saved. He was so nervous. I think after the first shocking elimination, you just never know. The people who are maybe not as strong of dancers I thought would have gone home, but it’s really been an opposite season.

This week, we’re doing the rumba. It’s challenging, but the dance has finally clicked with Rob.

It’s ’80s week, and ’80s in itself is really cheesy, so everyone’s probably having a hard time.

Rob and I have a great song. We didn’t get to pick it, but surprisingly I love it. Despite its cheesiness, you’ll see how sexy, fun and lighthearted the dance is at the same time.