The contestant is immersing herself in American culture before performing a Brazilian dance

By Chelsea Kane
April 18, 2011 02:20 PM
Credit: Courtesy Chelsea Kane

Monday will be “American Night” on Dancing with the Stars and nothing screams “USA” like the samba, a dance that originated in Brazil. However, my patriotic performance pants make up for the foreign footwork, especially since they are being held up by a belt with a big bald eagle soaring just under my belly button. Uncle Sam would be proud.

What comes to your mind when you think of America? I think of hot dogs. Two of which I consumed while watching the Lakers lose to the Oklahoma City Thunder at the buzzer last Sunday. I think of apple pie, Mount Rushmore and the Super Bowl. I think of rock and roll and Route 66. Which is fitting, since it’s the theme that Mark has chosen for our shakedown. Mark will be dressed as a macho mechanic who I seek out to help me with a flat. However, in the real world, I’ve changed six tires by myself. Oh yeah, the perks of being an only child to a dad who wanted to make sure I was independent.

I also think of McDonald’s and Mickey Mouse and both have made guest appearances in my week. First off, McDonald’s has been a go-to lunch stop since Mark and I have been on the run with rehearsals and press. We spent our Thursday at Access Hollywood Live and we loved chilling with Kit and Billy Bush. While there, I learned that Billy is the cousin of George W. Bush and it really doesn’t get more American than that. This theme is falling right into my lap. Later, we were lucky enough to get our groove on with Ellen DeGeneres. To me, she is an example of someone living the American dream in so many ways and it was an absolute honor to meet her.

Now back to Mickey Mouse. Our song this week is being belted out by a fellow Disney kid and this jam is a guilty pleasure on my personal iPod. After being in jeopardy last week, I couldn’t be more grateful to the fans who voted and kept me in the competition. I know a good number of those calls come from kids who supported me in my Disney days and that’s why I am dedicating this dance to them.

The one thing I think America is missing? Siestas. Brazil has siestas. So, since I’m embracing the samba, I’m going to go ahead and immerse myself in Brazilian culture. This nap is going to be epic.