Courtesy Chelsea Kane
May 09, 2011 05:30 PM

The word “instant” usually sounds promising. Instant messenger, instant replay, instant rice. However, instant dance? Doesn’t have the same ring to it.

This week we have the infamous instant dance, where we learn choreography, but won’t know the song we’ll be sweating to until minutes before we perform live on Monday. In a way, the instant dance sounds like an oxymoron considering it feels like we learn every dance almost instantly. As I write, Team Kanenball is two days into learning two very unrelated routines.

Dance Uno: The Slow Waltz. A refined and romantic dance to a stunning song.

Dance Dos, the instant Salsa, which sounds delicious, but doesn’t come with a margarita.

The only silver lining to our Salsa falling in Week 8 is that it coincided with Cinco de Mayo, which I absolutely used as a valid excuse to chow down on chips and find my “spiciness” via varying dips. I’m sure if Jose Cuervo were allowed in the studio, I’d be grooving better than ever.

Speaking of cinco, there are only five of us left in the competition, and I am so excited to be a step closer to the semi-finals. Sending such big blogging hugs to all the Team Kanenballers who have kept me in the competition. I know that this experience can end instantly and I am thrilled that it’s lasted this long. I hope it continues to last after our instant dance.

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