Bindi Irwin on Her Boyfriend Bandaging Her 'Gross' Feet After 'DWTS' : He Says 'It's a Good Thing I Love You'

"He was the one helping soothe and tape my feet every day," Bindi Irwin says of boyfriend Chandler Powell

Photo: Courtesy Chandler Powell

Bindi Irwin is a bit embarrassed America got to see her injured feet on Dancing with the Stars.

“They are really gross,” Bindi told PEOPLE after Monday’s show. “I feel bad that they showed all that footage.”

Bindi has been having to bandage up her feet since early on in the competition and has recently been losing toenails, a process she says hasn’t been pretty.

“They are all superglued because I actually lost another nail in dress rehearsal and if it pops off, it bleeds,” she explained. “I have holes in my feet and the toenails keep falling off, but if I superglue them down, they don’t rip as much and they don’t hurt as much.”

And even though Bindi has been suffering in silence for most of the competition, she’s relied on her boyfriend, pro wakeboarder Chandler Powell.

“He was the one helping soothe and tape my feet every day,” Bindi, 17, told reporters of Powell, 18. “At one point, one of my toenails fell off and flew past him. He said, ‘Oh. It s a good thing I love you.’ It was just so gross but I felt so bad.”

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