'Dancing with the Stars' 'Ab-Off' in the Works

Roshon Fegan and Donald Driver say they'll be dancing shirtless before the end of the season

Photo: ABC (3)

Sure, he’s hot. Sure, he’s sexy. But William Levy, beware, because Roshon Fegan and Donald Driver say you haven’t see the best of them yet.

The season 14 contestants took the sexy Latin actor’s sexy, abs-baring salsa routine with partner Cheryl Burke on Monday’s Dancing with the Stars as a sign that the showdown has begun.

“William knows the ladies love us, but they love him a little bit more because he took his clothes off,” Driver tells PEOPLE.

“I haven’t taken my clothes off yet. I’m going to pace myself and talk to the wife and if the wife agrees then I will take it off.”

Disney star Fegan, the youngest competitor on the cast, says Levy’s physical display on Monday night “makes it personal.”

“I’ve got my eye on William and whatever his secrets are – working in the gym, super-duper protein shakes – I’m gonna get me some muscles,” Fegan says.

“I’m turning 21 this year so it’s time I get my grown man on. By the end of this season, you will see Roshon with some kind of six-pack, biceps,” Fegan adds. “I’ll be taking my shirt off, too. It’s going to be an ab-off! I’m coming for ya, William. You better run!”

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