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October 14, 2008 12:00 AM

It was all about drama and sizzle on last night’s Dancing with the Stars as the remaining nine pairs took to the ballrom to perform the samba or the tango. Still topping the leader board were Brooke Burke and partner Derek Hough, whose sizzling samba had judge Bruno Tonioli hankering for a post-samba smoke. But Lance Bass and partner Lacey Schwimmer evened the score, slapping on guyliner for their tango and went toe-to-toe with Brooke and Derek. Still lagging waaay behind in dead-last place: Rocco DiSpirito and Karina Smirnoff, whose samba managed to ruffle the judges’ feathers–and not in a good way.

After last week’s dancers’ quarrel, Burke and Hough got back to the business at hand — smoking the competition — with a sultry samba that had the audience coming to their feet and Bruno screaming, “This was raunchy with a capital “Rrrr” before exclaiming, “I need a smoke!” But what do we see on the horizon, is that competition from Bass and Schwimmer? The duo attacked their tango with Lance’s secret weapon: guyliner. Though the judges didn’t talk about Bass’s Halloween-inspired makeup, head judge Len Goodman (who has been the pair’s toughest critic) was very impressed with his moves, dubbing the former ‘N Syncer “Sir Dance-A-Lot.”

One pair who swayed all the judges were Cloris Leachman and her partner Corky Ballas, who performed a tango that received a standing ovation. Like Goodman said, “If i hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have believed it. It was absolutely fabulous.” Tonioli even raved about Leachman’s extension, her legs.

With Leachman finally impressing the judges with her dancing (as opposed to her antics), DiSpirito and Smirnoff fell into Leachman’s traditional spot on the leader board–dead last. Mama DiSpirito’s exhortation in the dance studio–“shake what your mother gives you”–had an effect on her boy, but not a good one. DiSpirito shook it. The judges shuddered, with Tonioli delivering this blow: “You don’t have a musical bone in your body.” We can only fathom what you felt at home, but we went slack-jawed as we watched Rocco, swathed in pink ruffles, drumming Karina’s rock-hard abs.

Here’s how the nine remaining contestants stacked up after Monday’s dance: • Maurice & Cheryl: 20 out of 30 for their samba •Cody & Julianne: 23 out of 30 for their tango •Toni & Alec: 22 out of 30 for their samba •Cloris & Corky: 22 out of 30 for their tango •Rocco & Karina: 18 out of 30 for their samba •Susan & Tony: 24 out of 30 for their tango •Brooke & Derek: 26 out of 30 for their samba •Lance & Lacey: 26 out of 30 for their tango •Warren & Kym: 22 out of 30 for their samba

Next week, it’s four brand-new dances: the hustle, jitterbug, salsa or the West Coast swing.

Tell us: With combining this week and last week’s votes, which couple do you think will go home tomorrow? Were you impressed with Lance & Lacey and Cloris & Corky’s turnaround?

Craig Sjodin/ABC

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