"The whole group is just a really fun group. I'm excited to get to know them even more," David Ross tells PEOPLE of this season's DWTS cast

Bromance is in the air!

Following the Dancing with the Stars season 24 cast announcement, David Ross and his partner pro Lindsay Arnold opened up to PEOPLE about who they’re excited to face off against this season.

“A lot of contenders this season,” Arnold tells PEOPLE. “I think all of the girls are really strong, all the girl celebrities are going to be really good. But I will say, the guys have so much personality and fun, and that’s sometimes what wins the show — the personality.

“So it’s so hard to tell right now,” she adds. “I think after week one you’ll start seeing the real contenders come out.”

As for Ross, he may be focusing more along the lines of forming an alliance with Chicago native Mr. T.

“If I had to vote, I’d vote for Mr. T, he is like my favorite. He’s so good,” admits the baseball star. “We hit it off early on. He’s from Chicago, so we’re all talking about that.”

“Who doesn’t love Simone Biles?” Ross adds of his competition. “The whole group is just a really fun group. I’m excited to get to know them even more.”

As for what his former Cub teammates think of his new gig, Ross says he’s anxiously awaiting to hear from them all.

“Well we had to keep it a secret, so I think only [Anthony] Rizzo knew because he had to do a video and it had to be top secret,” the champion catcher says. “Not a whole lot of guys know, so I’m anxious to get back and see how much ribbing I get in the locker room when I show up.”

“My phone’s been blowing up in my pocket, so I’m excited to see those guys and see what they think,” adds Ross.

One thing is for sure, Arnold is eager to step onto the dance floor with someone who is all too familiar with being a champion.

“It’s insane,” she says of Ross’ winning career. “Not only that, but he’s the first baseball player to ever be on the show, which is a pretty cool feat. I’m really excited that I get to be with him and we get to make the MLB debut on DWTS.”

But it’s Ross who is in awe of the pro dancer.

“I’ve never done any ballroom dancing in my life, so I’m leaning on her,” he admits. “She’s a professional and I’m letting her take the reins.”

Dancing with the Stars season 24 premieres March 20 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.