"Here's to many more stories and many more memories, whatever they may be," Dan Levy said

Awww Schitt.

Dan Levy opened up on Tuesday night, penning an emotional note to fans after his Emmy-nominated show Schitt’s Creek aired its series finale, coming to an end after six seasons.

“This show has been the love of my life for the past seven years,” wrote the 36-year-old, who both co-created and starred in the Canadian show with his father, Eugene Levy. “Getting to tell these stories, build these characters, and watch them grow has been a privilege for which I will always be grateful.”

“Working with this brilliant cast and crew and basking in the glow of their extraordinary talent for six amazing seasons are what I’m going to miss the most,” he said. “We built a family on those sets and it’s reassuring to know that time won’t ever change that. I love you guys more than you will ever know.”

His message — which he posted to social media channels — then turned to Schitt’s Creek‘s loyal fans, whose word-of-mouth praise helped turn the series into a hit.

“As for our viewers, getting to share this show with you, getting to watch you champion it, tell your friends about it, herald its messages of love and acceptance with such empathy and passion… that is something I will never forget,” Dan said. “The stories you have shared with me over the years have made me laugh and cry and feel empowered to keep making things that mean something.”

“You’ve taught me that television has the power to not only bring people together in profound ways, but also the power to change conversations and consequently change lives,” he added. “I know that you all have certainly changed mine.”

“Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to watch our show,” concluded Dan. “I am forever grateful for this time we had together. Here’s to many more stories and many more memories, whatever they may be.”

He signed the message “with so much gratitude, my best wishes, and the warmest regards.”

Dan spent much of his day on Tuesday sharing behind-the-scenes photos and videos to his Instagram as well.

One snapshot, posted alongside his heartfelt message, showed a crying Dan covering his face while costar Annie Murphy embraced him.

“This picture was taken on our last day in our Rosebud Motel room,” explained Dan. “Tears are a good thing. It means you care.”

He also shared a screengrab of a tweet his mother, Deborah Devine, has written.

“Today I regret every single second of worry back in the uninformed 80’s-wondering how the world was going to treat my brilliant little boy who loved to twirl,” Divine tweeted. “Little did I know that he was going to kick that old world’s ass to the curb and create a brand new one.”

“This,” said Dan. “Love you, mom.”

Schitt’s Creek
Annie Murphy, Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, and Dan Levy in Schitt’s Creek
| Credit: Pop TV

Schitt’s Creek followed the wealthy Rose family — Moria (Catherine O’Hara) and Johnny Rose (Eugene), and their two spoiled adult kids, David (Dan), and Alexis (Murphy) — who lose their fortune after being defrauded by their business manager and are forced to relocate to a small town named Schitt’s Creek, which they once purchased as a joke.

Tuesday’s finale aired five years to the day the first episode aired.

Back in January, Dan told PEOPLE that he was happy about how the series came to a close.

“I care about the quality of the show,” he said. “I care about what the fans are going to think. Ending something is such a daunting task, and yet at the same time, the way that the story came to us was so organic and simple and easy that I think for me, the nerves are just excitement for people to watch this last chapter and hopefully enjoy it and be moved by it in the same ways that we were shooting it and making it.”

“I think the fans will be very pleased with how this story ends,” Dan added. “I have known how I have wanted to end the show for quite some time now, and so for me it was really about how do I go about thoughtfully and carefully laying the groundwork for the end of the show in a way that feels easy and not just like we are backloading a ton of info on people.”

“A lot of that came from me looking at all the shows I really love and all the series finales that I really love and analyzing what made me love them and why they worked,” he continued. “And the common thread was always the season had built to an inevitable conclusion, and that conclusion gave the fans what they wanted but also gave them something they didn’t know they wanted. I don’t want anything to be expected, and I think this last season is a love letter to our fans. And it’s a love letter to our characters.”