July 23, 2018 05:08 PM

Dan Harmon, the creator of such cult-beloved series as Rick and Morty and Community, has deleted his Twitter account following the resurfacing of a video he made, in which he graphically sexually violates a doll.

The video is called Daryl, a five-minute spoof pilot of Showtime’s long-running series Dexter, and was posted to Channel 101, the website Harmon co-founded, back in 2009. It stars Harmon as the titular character, and follows him as he jumps through a window inside a home, removes his pants, and moves to the couch, where he rubs his genitals on a baby doll while partly naked. The logline provided by Channel 101 reads, “Originally made with Showtime, Dan Harmon presents a groundbreaking new show about the darker side of therapy.”

Harmon calls the character as “a baby rapist with a heart of gold”; the video begins with a warning of “controversial” content.

The video first reappared on Twitter over Comic-Con weekend; Harmon was in San Diego with his Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland at the time. Shortly after the video began generating backlash, eliciting criticism for seemingly making light of child rape, Harmon’s Twitter account was apparently deleted.

It’s the second instance in the past week of a public figure facing new controversy over their past actions. Just days earlier, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn drew the ire of many on social media after far-right personality Mike Cernovich dug up a series of old tweets in which Gunn repeatedly joked about pedophilia. Marvel subsequently fired Gunn from the third movie in the superhero franchise, which he was slated to direct, a move which has sparked significant backlash among the film’s cast and fans, but which Gunn himself accepted in a lengthy apology statement.

Harmon has not spoken on the video or the deletion of his Twitter account. Representatives for him, as well as Adult Swim, have not returned EW’s request for comment. Rick and Morty, which Harmon still executive-produces, recently received a mammoth 70-episode renewal order from the network.

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