'Daily Show' Host Trevor Noah's (Unexpected!) No. 1 Flirting Tip: 'Never Open with a Joke'

"No humor! Just say hello — that's it!" Noah told PEOPLE Now

Trevor Noah has been open about his struggles with women and dating in the past — so how has his game evolved over the years?

“You know what, I’ll tell you this — if anyone has has suffered from acne vulgaris the way I did, you’ll know that that sticks with you,” the Daily Show host told PEOPLE Now. “So I work hard on my self-esteem.”

“A lot of people make that mistake with celebrities and people who are in places that are prominent,” he added. “They go: ‘Oh, you’re just having a good time. You don’t have issues.’ No, everyone’s got issues with self-esteem. Some people do not, but most people do.”

Noah, 33, said he’s found ways to work on his self-confidence (“Just look in the mirror and say nice things to yourself”), but admits that he still struggles in certain areas.

“When I meet a woman, I’m still the kid in high school — I’m still like, ‘Hi, my name is Trevor,’ ” he squeaked, hunching his shoulders uncomfortably.

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Luckily, he’s come to realize that many women are forgiving of his lack of game — including, of course, his girlfriend Jordyn Taylor.

“You know what’s nice? A lot of women are really nice people,” he said. “They’ll go, ‘Alright, you idiot, I’ll talk to you.’ And it all works out!”

And while the funnyman has made a career of cracking jokes, he insists no one should ever strike up a conversation with a potential love interest that way.

“Never open with a joke. It is the most horrible thing,” he said. “Jokes require context. Without context, you’re just some random person who came and told someone they fell from [heaven] or some randomness, and if you mess it up you look worse and it seems like an insult. No humor! Just say hello. That’s it!”

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