"Comedy is often a great date for me because if you laugh at the same things you find that you get along," Noah tells PEOPLE

By Julia Edelman
Updated November 09, 2015 02:55 PM
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Trevor Noah has one dating deal breaker: A woman with no sense of humor.

The Daily Show anchor, who recently stepped out with girlfriend Jordyn Taylor, may be keeping mum for now about his new romance with the 24-year-old model – but he did give a hint about where they may have spent their first date.

“I think the best dates are dates where you get to talk or share something with the person,” Noah, 31, tells PEOPLE. “Comedy is often a great date for me because if you laugh at the same things you find that you get along. So you go to a comedy show, see what you both enjoy laughing at.”

He continues, “You learn so much from the person just in that show and then afterwards you go grab a drink and a meal and share more with each other. Those are my favorite dates, where you spend time learning the other person.”

Noah has lately been given several opportunities to set the mood for prospective lovers. He’s currently readying for a Nov. 14 gig at the New York Comedy Festival, and he just returned from the United Arab Emirates, where he performed at the Dubai Comedy Festival.

“I love traveling, and I love doing comedy in different places,” he says. “I love learning about different cultures, people, mindsets. It’s just a beautiful thing for your mind and for your attitude, to learn how other people live and think. And learning to make people laugh in different places also opens your mind up, because you have to look at topics and ideas from many different angles to try and get people to laugh at them.”

Back in his home base of New York, Noah tells PEOPLE his relationship with The Daily Show and its viewers is “still evolving” – even in the face of an emergency appendectomy surgery last week that caused him to miss his first-ever taping since replacing Jon Stewart as the host on Sept. 28.

“It’s really us finding new ways to connect with audiences that are watching TV in different ways because many of us don’t watch TV the way we used to,” he explains. “So it’s about connecting with people on the issues that they feel are important, or showing them why they should be important – and in as quick a manner as possible.”

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