The actress tells PEOPLE she's "always open" to starring in Hamilton — and has a particular vision in mind

Mandeep Dhillon, Lin-Manuel Miranda - Hamilton
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CSI: Vegas star Mandeep Dhillon has big Broadway aspirations.

Dhillon, one of PEOPLE's 2021 Ones to Watch, dreams of one day appearing in a production of Hamilton — though what she envisions for her debut would be a major twist on the hit musical.

"If they were ever to flip the genders on Hamilton, I'm there," she tells PEOPLE. "I am there!"

The Tony-winning musical created by Lin-Manuel Miranda tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of America's Founding Fathers. The cast famously features people of color in the roles of historically white figures.

Dhillon's admiration for the production, which debuted in 2015, runs deep. She enjoys singing and rapping along to Hamilton's iconic musical numbers to this day.

"I love Hamilton. It's so good," she says. "Even now, I will put it on and I'll rap everything and sing."

Needles to say, the actress is "always open" to starring in Hamilton. "I love singing. I love dancing. I love it all. So yeah, I'm down. Broadway, call me," she says.

For now, fans can catch Dhillon on CSI: Las Vegas, which premiered Oct. 6.

"All the characters are so well developed, and everyone's got so many layers to them," says Dhillon, who plays witty Level II CSI Allie Rajan. "Everyone's got their past story or stuff going on in their personal lives."

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CSI: Vegas, Mandeep Dhillon
Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

According to the actress, her character's "really detailed" backstory is what attracted her to the part.

"She's got a past. She's got stuff that's happened to close people to her, which drives her forward," she says, adding that there "will be a few cases where it will really get to her, to the point that she kind of gets taken over by that a bit."

Dhillon also admires Allie's brains, having graduated from Harvard. "I'm intelligent, but not in science. I wish, but no," she says. "I love that she's proud of who she is."

Science whiz or not, Dhillon has plenty to be proud of. The star, whose acting credits include Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker and After Life, has also been developing a new TV series while filming CSI: Vegas.

"I can't say too much about it, but I'm really excited about it. I've been developing it alongside filming CSI, which was wild because I'm developing it with someone here in the U.K.," she says. "So I would be waking up at 5:00 a.m., doing writing sessions, and then going to film for 12 hours on set. And then coming back home, learning lines, and going to bed to wake up at five in the morning again. So it was a lot. It was a lot, but worth it. It's so worth it."

CSI: Las Vegas airs Wednesdays (10 p.m. ET) on CBS.