Crypt TV, a horror-themed genre brand that launched in 2015, created the Facebook Watch series The Birch
Crypt TV
Credit: Crypt TV

Look out, Marvel: There’s an inspiring — and terrifying — new fandom on the horizon.

Crypt TV, founded by CEO Jack Davis and filmmaker Eli Roth in 2015, is a genre brand creating the next generation of iconic monsters through horror-themed content, including its Facebook Watch show The Birch.

As Crypt TV continues to expand and add to the $10 million in fundings its earned since its inception, CCO Kate Krantz tells PEOPLE that it’s aiming to create the “Marvel for monsters.”

“We want to build new characters in the scary space that are iconic and live forever, and one day can be among the ranks of Frankenstein,” says Krantz, 28. “And we are excited to be cultivating a new rank of monsters that are speaking to a young audience, and empowering them in their own life. Characters that can become a part of their identity and influence them on the path to good, whatever that is in their own minds.”

Crypt TV’s most iconic character is the Birch, a sentient tree who protects a kid from bullies and was introduced in a short film in 2016, which went viral and earned a Webby Award the following year.

Facebook Watch / The Birch
The Birch
| Credit: Facebook Watch / The Birch

The Birch helped catapult Crypt TV’s success, spawning in a Facebook Watch series, which came away with 34 million views over 14 episodes, beating many network TV shows in viewership figures.

“This is a story for the people who feel cast aside, or forgotten and marginalized,” Krantz says. “This is their show. So, it’s powerful to see that they’ve taken to it the way that they have. But I think that ultimately it’s just a testament to the incredible writers, directors, cast members, our executives at Facebook Watch. Every person that you’re meeting was so aligned in the vision.”

Starring Xaria Dotson, the series was led by a female showrunner, director, and writer — which Krantz calls “a gift” in today’s day and age.

“It was a beautiful experience,” she says. “Our executives at Facebook were incredibly smart women on the development side of things, as well as the production side of things. The writer that we brought on, Casey, is a brilliant trans woman, and injected so much humanity and heart into the stories of what it is to come of age.”

Facebook Watch / The Birch
Xaria Dotson in The Birch
| Credit: Facebook Watch / The Birch

Along with The Birch, Crypt TV has launched horror shows like Snapchat Murder Mystery, Slice of Summer, The Look-See, Sunny Family Cult and The Thing in the Apartment.

Looking towards the future, Krantz wants Crypt TV to become a brand that is identifiable no matter where you are in the world.

“We will be far stronger. We will be international,” Krantz says. “We want you to see our logo, and we want you to feel it in your soul what we’re about.”