October 12, 2016 08:30 AM

Are you ready to see some of Criss Angel’s most insane magic tricks yet?

PEOPLE Now caught up with the illusionist on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, and the star dished all about his one-hour television special coming to A&E Wednesday.

“I’ve done more hours of magic on television than any magician in the history of TV — that’s a fact — and I’ve never done anything as exciting as this show tonight,” said Angel, 48. “Over 40 crazy demonstrations in an hour! We blow people’s minds.”

One of his most astonishing tricks? When he turns himself into a human shish kabob — “a Criss Kabob,” if you will — much to the shock of the restaurant’s patrons.

“I spin, and a sword goes through me that they use to hold the meat,” said Angel, quipping: “I’m healing good.”

Angel also opened up about a trick he does with UFC fighter Paige VanZant in the special.

“She’s a great sport,” said Angel. “She got me back when she punched me in the sternum. She punches like a mule! And the reason why I did that is because [Harry] Houdini claimed that he could take any man’s punch and that’s what killed Houdini in 1926.”

Angel said the late Houdini is one of his biggest inspirations.

“It’s been like, 80+ years since his death on Halloween in 1926 and he’s still synonymous with magic and that’s because he left such an impression on people,” said Angel. “He was provocative, he was larger-than-life, he was pop culture. I try to remain relevant as Houdini did for his day and age and bring to the public on television, at my live [Las Vegas] show at the Luxor, demonstrations that you can’t see anywhere else in the world.”

And Angel was quick to point out that Houdini is one of the 2,500 celebrities honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — an honor Angel himself will be earning in 2017.

And last but not least, the magician also opened up about his son Johnny, 2½, who he said is “technically in remission” after being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in October 2015.

“Cancer is the number one killer of children by disease and I don’t believe that my son has cancer for no reason,” said Angel. “I believe it’s for me to be the greater good for children, to be a voice for this cause — that is my life passion. That’s why I was put on this earth. I believe in bless and success.”

Criss Angel: Trick’d Up airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on A&E.

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