Gibson has a reported history of troubling behavior on and off set

August 16, 2016 03:00 PM

Thomas Gibson made headlines last week when he was let go from Criminal Minds following an alleged physical altercation with a writer on set – but it’s not the first time the star has been in the news for more than his acting skills.

A source close to Gibson tells PEOPLE the actor is “the most kindhearted family man,” but in December 2010, Variety reported an incident where Gibson, 54, allegedly shoved Criminal Minds assistant director Ian Woolf after a heated exchanged over “safety concerns.” Gibson was reportedly ordered to undergo anger management counseling after the incident.

Just over two years later, Gibson was arrested in downtown Los Angeles for driving under the influence, according to the Los Angeles Times. He eventually pleaded no contest to one count of alcohol-related reckless driving and was sentenced to three years’ probation, fined and ordered to attend an alcohol education program.

Later that year, TMZ obtained a video of Gibson in his hot tub that they claimed had been taped around Christmas 2012. In the video, Gibson addresses an unidentified woman, who told the outlet that she reached out to Gibson via Twitter and subsequently carried on an online relationship with him for two years that involved sharing racy photos and videos. The woman, it turns out, was lifting the material she sent to Gibson from porn sites. When Gibson discovered he was being scammed, he alerted his lawyer, who told the woman to stop contacting him.

More drama behind the scenes of Criminal Minds was revealed in a 2014 breach-of-contract lawsuit filed by Gibson’s ex-manager Craig Dorfman. Dorfman alleged that Gibson’s costars Shemar Moore and Mandy Patinkin “verbally attacked” Gibson on at least one occasion and Dorfman “talked Gibson out of physically attacking Moore.”

“Shemar was often late to set and kept everyone waiting. This annoyed a lot of people but Thomas was definitely the most vocal,” the source close to Gibson says of Moore, who appeared on Criminal Minds for 11 seasons before leaving the show earlier this year. “Thomas is very professional and likes to respect everyone’s time. This was a frequent point of contention.”

The source says that Gibson’s desire for timeliness comes from the fact that he is “a great father, takes care of his mom and spends as much time with the kids as possible.” But since his three children live across the country with Gibson’s ex-wife, the actor often requested for Fridays and/or Mondays off so he could fly to be with his them over the weekend. Variety reports these demands irritated some of the cast and crew – one staffer called the behavior “selfish.”

“Thomas is a great guy,” the source maintains of Gibson, who has hired a lawyer and is exploring his options after being let go. “I hate that this minor disagreement is what people are hearing about him.”

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