Rachel Bloom on Life After Her Golden Globe Win: Someone Told Me to Carry It Around in a Baby Bjorn

"I should have brought it!"

Photo: Vince Flores/Startraks

One good sign that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom isn’t actually crazy: she’s leaving the house without the Golden Globe award she won last month – though she admits the win was the cherry on top of a surreally successful stage in her career.

“Someone said I should just carry [my Globe] in a Baby Bjorn as if it came from my womb,” Bloom laughed while chatting with reporters at the Writers Guild Awards ceremony on Saturday, where she served as a presenter. “I should have brought it! That would have been so tacky: I just start bringing the Golden Globe to other award shows.”

Bloom’s definitely on a winning streak: since launching her series on The CW last fall, she’s become a critical darling, winning – within two weeks of each other – the Golden Globe for best performance by an actress in a television series – comedy or musical and the Critics Choice Award for best actress in a comedy series.

“Even when other people didn’t believe in it, we always believed in it,” she says of the series, “so to have other people in the formal settings acknowledge it, it means the world.”

“I thought our show was dead in April, and then May we got ordered to series,” she says, still surprised at how closely the show, developed for Showtime, came to never making it to broadcast. “It’s been the most insane period of my life, but it’s kind of the quickest all this could happen because I was like not a nobody, but I was not this. And then, suddenly, I was this.”

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Has being “this” started to change her life?

“That remains to be seen because I’ve been filming so much. I’m on set 14, 16 hours a day. I don’t go out much, except to award shows, now.”

She’s about to head into a production hiatus, awaiting word if Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will see a second season, and expects to be “actually like living like a person again, doing laundry and helping my husband clean the house, which I haven’t done in a long time, the poor guy.”

“It will be interesting to compare that to what it was before, because when you’re in production, everything’s kind of crazy,” she adds. “But it doesn’t feel necessarily glamorous because you’re getting up at 5 a.m. and getting hair and makeup done, dancing and singing. It’s like a fun way. It’s doing artistic stuff. So yes, life has changed a lot, but it will be interesting when I’m out of production just to see how it affects daily life and stuff.”

Even with her hectic schedule, there’s been a very particular constant in her life – one that seems perfectly in step with the quirks of her TV character Rebecca.

“I found out I am known on set for going to the bathroom quite a lot,” she laughs. “And it’s because the bathroom is kind of my office. It’s where I check Twitter and my email. And it’s like the bathroom, even as a kid, I would lock myself in the bathroom and read Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader for hours on end. I just really like being in the bathroom.”

“So now, apparently, production has accounted for the fact that I spend so much time on the can reading on my iPhone,” she says. “That, for me, feels like a sense of normalcy: just like sitting on the toilet and reading.”

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