Next for Craig Ferguson: A Drama Series?

The former Late Late Show host tells PEOPLE he's going to produce – and maybe star in – scripted shows

Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

What Craig Ferguson would really like to do is … write and produce a drama series.

The former host of The Late Late Show – who stepped down from his longtime hosting job in December – has already lined up a big new gig. He’ll produce and possibly star in new scripted and unscripted shows for Lionsgate TV, the studio responsible for hits like Orange Is the New Black for Netflix and Nashville for ABC, among others.

“I don’t really want to do another talk show,” Ferguson tells PEOPLE exclusively. “I mean, I should never say never. But I want to look at everything else. I want to do stuff that I feel excited about going to work in the morning, to do something that’s a bit different. Other than that, I really don’t know. I should have an agenda!”

The 52-year-old comedian already has a drama script in the works about a female detective. The plan is to develop new material while preparing for a second season of Celebrity Name Game, a syndicated game show that teams celebrities with civilians as they try to identify famous people based on improvised clues.

“I think I started off pretty good,” Ferguson says. “It took me at least 100 episodes of the late-night show before I got anywhere near good at it. The game show follows the same pattern. Now, you’ll get more of me and less of the game show.”

In the meantime, Ferguson is returning to the road this month with another comedy tour that will take him all around the nation. It’s his first tour in a decade.

“I couldn’t do this while hosting The Late Late Show,” he says.

Speaking of which, memories of his longtime CBS gig are not too far from his reach.

“There’s s certain locker room in Van Nuys, California, where a robot and fake horse are stored,” Ferguson says. “I pretty much stole everything.”

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