In an exclusive clip from Friday's episode of the Million Dollar Matchmaker, Courtney Stodden struggles to stay on her best behavior

Courtney Stodden hasn’t changed her wild child ways!

In a clip from Friday’s episode of Million Dollar Matchmaker, Stodden, 23, struggles to stay on her best behavior.

“And my wild child Courtney is open to both men and women, so I’ll be interested to see who she really connects to,” Patti Stanger says as Stodden arrives to meet her possible dates at the first bisexual mixer in the history of her televised matchmaking career.

But as soon as the Celebrity Big Brother star — who gained fame at age 16 when she married actor Doug Hutchinson, then 51 years old — shows up, it’s clear she’s already broken one of Stranger’s rules.

“So Courtney, the last thing I said was I wanted you to look a little more conservative than you normally do,” Stanger says when Stodden arrives wearing a revealing black dress.

“You told me to put a lock on my p–y. It’s like I’m wearing five underwear,” Stodden replies, lifting up her skirt.

And when Stranger reminds Stodden that another rule for the night is no drinking, Stodden says, “I’ll try,” before asking if she could have “one little glass of wine.”

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In an interview on SiriusXM’s Conversations with Maria Menounos, the matchmaker revealed that she “didn’t want to put [Stodden] on the show” until people convinced her just how much she needed her help.

“She doesn’t have a driver’s license, she doesn’t know how to balance a checkbook,” Stranger explaine., “She needs tough love.”

After six years of marriage, Hutchinson and Stodden announced their separation in February.

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“She does everything right, and then she goes on the date,” Stranger added, revealing that Stodden messes up her date after getting “full-on naked” and “seriously drunk.”

Still, Stranger added that at the start of the episode, Stodden “doesn’t know whether she’s gay or straight,” but that by the end of the episode, “she knows now who she is.”

Million Dollar Matchmaker airs Friday at 9 p.m. on WE tv.