Love says the two live four houses away from each other and watch Orange Is the New Black together

By Matthew Cole Weiss
September 09, 2014 07:00 PM
Nate Beckett/Splash News Online

To call Courtney Love‘s long-term relationship with daughter Frances Bean Cobain “rocky” would be an understatement.

Public feuds, courtroom drama and Twitter fights have kept the mother and daughter at bay for many years.

But after some growth and maturation on both ends, Love, 50, says the two have been able to come together – and are now getting along better than ever.

“It’s really good,” Love told PEOPLE at Saturday’s Sons of Anarchy premiere in Los Angeles. “We live four doors down from each other!”

Bean, now 22, was only 1 when her father, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, committed suicide. Today, she largely stays out of the limelight – with a few exceptions.

“I respect how reclusive she is. She’s very tasteful,” says her mother, who joined FX’s Sons of Anarchy for its final season. “You know, she’s Frances Bean. A lot is expected of her, and she handles it so well. She’s a very strong girl.”

As for how Courtney and Frances Bean have been bonding with each other lately, “We watched Orange Is the New Black last night for hours – I was the big spoon and she was the little spoon,” Love says.

“We were talking about the plot line and acting and everything. We just laid in bed and watched TV.”

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