Charlie Puth will always be there for Courteney Cox


Charlie Puth just proved that he’s the ultimate Friends super fan!

The 27-year-old musician played a few rounds of trivia on Billboard’s Quizzed series with none other than Monica Geller herself — Courteney Cox.

The first round was a set of true or false questions, which Puth passed with flying colors, even earning a high five from Cox, 55.

While he answered questions correctly about Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry)’s middle name (Muriel) and the name of the ’50s Diner that Monica worked at (Moon Dance Diner), he did get one wrong — he couldn’t remember Monica’s biggest pet peeve (animals dressed as humans).

However, Puth also got a question correct about the name of the stuffed penguin belonging to Joey (Matt LeBlanc) — it’s Hugsy, not “Waddles.” On Thursday, Puth shared a photo of his very own Hugsy to Instagram, which was seemingly gifted to him by Ellen DeGeneres and Jennifer Aniston.

Puth struggled a bit more throughout the General Trivia round, but got back in his groove with the Quotes round, correctly attributing character quotes to Monica, Gunther, Richard, Ross, Joey, Phoebe and more.

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“I think you won in everyone’s eyes,” Cox told Puth at the end. “I’m going to give you something very special. I’m giving you the Geller Cup” — Friends fans will remember that the Geller Cup is the trophy that Monica and Ross argue over in third season’s Thanksgiving episodes, “The One with the Football.”

Puth is so excited that he bursts into tears — “Why am I crying?” he asked.

“You should cry, because this is everything!” Cox said back.

At the end of the video, Puth hit the keyboard to sing Cox a cover of the Friends theme song, complete with those famous claps.

Cox was clearly impressed with the “Cheating on You” singer’s performance in the trivia. She shared a clip from their game on Instagram, writing in the caption, “Let’s just say I’m glad it wasn’t @charlieputh asking the questions…”

Last month, Puth had some more Friends dreams come true, as he hung out with Cox and Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe Buffay. He captioned the photo from their hangout simply, “🤔🤔🤔.”

Cox also shared the photo from the hangout, writing in her caption, “Trying to play it cool with all this heat. #friends25.”