Courteney Cox recently paid a visit to the building used for exterior shots on Friends

Jennifer Aniston is here to support Courteney Cox‘s Instagram game.

During an appearance on Busy Tonight on Thursday, Cox said Aniston encouraged her to post the clip of herself visiting her Friends character Monica Gellar’s old apartment building earlier this week.

“I was having dinner and someone said, ‘You know, the Friends building is just about two blocks over,'” she said, adding that at first she didn’t understand what the person was saying. “The Friends building? What does that even mean?… I didn’t remember the interstitial shots outside.”

She then walked the corner of Grove Street and Bedford Street in New York City, where the building is located. She said a lot of fans “were actually taking pictures outside of it.”

“I was at Jennifer’s house,” Cox explained. “She’s like, ‘Post that now and see what happens,’ because she’s not on Instagram yet. I’m thinking to myself, it’s probably better to post this between 9 and 12 because that’s where my fans are. But I didn’t, I posted it late at night and it’s still — it worked.”

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Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston
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The building was famously used for exterior shots on the hit sitcom, while the rest of the show was filmed on a sound stage in Los Angeles.

In the Instagram clip, Cox is seen walking toward the building.

“Goodnight guys, I’m going home,” Cox, 54, joked in the video, waving goodbye while walking toward away (presumably to see pals Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer, waiting upstairs).

To take the gag up a notch, the camera then panned up to the building in a moment that seemed pulled from the NBC sitcom’s archives. Cox took things to the next level by adding the same music Friends would play in the establishing shots between scenes.

The icing on the cake? Cox’s caption on the post. “The One Where My Rent Went Up $12,000,” she wrote, mimicking Friends‘ episode titles.

Friends cast
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This is the third time Cox has channeled Friends on Instagram since joining the social media platform a few months ago. For her first post ever, on Jan. 29, she, Ellen DeGeneres, and Kudrow hung out on Central Perk’s orange couch.

Earlier this month, Cox paid tribute to one of the show’s most memorable moments while moving furniture into her house, calling on three men to help her move an item down the hall by shouting “Pivot!” (just as her on-screen brother Ross did on Friends).

“Just another Friday night #pivot,” she captioned the post.

And as reboots of classic TV shows continue to be made, Cox has said she’s on board to portray her character on the small screen again — even if the possibilities may be slim to none.

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“People ask us all the time, ‘Will we ever do a remake?’ That was a story about these group of people that are friends in their 30s who are finding themselves. I don’t know if there’s a way to redo it,” Cox told PEOPLE in October.

I just don’t see it happening. Even though I would do anything to be in a room with all of those people acting and having a great time. But I don’t see it happening,” she added.