Courteney Cox and David Spade Secretly Coach Former Bachelor Nick Viall at Stand-Up Comedy Set

Courteney Cox and David Spade sat backstage and told the reality star what jokes to make

Nick Viall is a comedian in training — and Courteney Cox is helping him through it!

The Bachelor Nation star, 39, hit the comedy stage on the latest episode of Comedy Central’s Lights Out with David Spade. And while Viall was the face of the show, the jokes all came from Cox and Spade, both 55.

“We’re going to do a test to make sure you hear us. Is this loud enough?” the Friends actress asked Viall backstage as he sported an ear piece before heading onstage in front of the large audience.

As Viall kicked off the show, Cox and Spade sat in a room backstage and coached the reality star through his earpiece on what jokes to make.

“Viall is an Italian word for ‘Cover your drinks when you go to the bathroom,'” Viall said to the audience at the behest of Spade.

Cox helped Viall deliver the next joke: “People thought I was on The Bachelor for the wrong reasons. I wasn’t. I did it for the fame and money.”

Nick Viall, David Spade, Courteney Cox
Lights Out with David Spade

“I’m from Wisconsin. Anyone here from Wisconsin?” Viall asked the crowd next, before delivering a joke that Spade conceived.

“I’m a major cheese head. That’s right, my IQ is 44,” Viall said, much to the amusement of the stars backstage.

For his next joke, Cox had Viall make a joke about Peter Weber‘s iconic hookup with Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette, saying, “I’ve never f— in a windmill, I’m gonna be honest. But I have fingered some step moms on a Ferris wheel.”

“Rough crowd,” Viall said to the unamused audience.

He then delivered another Bachelor-related joke: “The hardest part of being The Bachelor isn’t deciding who to give the roses to. It’s which blonde you hooked up with in the hot tub.”

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“I wanna say like … Kaitlyn?” Viall said at Spade’s behest, followed by Cox having him ask out loud, “Can I get a shot?”

“Astro glide neat,” Cox said, which caused Viall to stumble on his words out of confusion.

“Extra glide neat?” Viall said with a puzzled look. Cox then told him say, “Give it up for the troops. Especially for the ones’ wives I’m f—.”

However, Viall butchered the joke, and said to the audience, “Give it up for the troops. Especially for the ones I’m not f—.”

Spade finished things off and made Viall deliver one last humiliating joke.

“Who’s from out of town?” Viall said. “Oh one person, great. Awesome. Make sure you hit me up after the show. And get on my email list for all my gang bangs.”

As Viall earned some applause from the audience to end the show, Spade and Cox laughed backstage at their success.

Lights Out with David Spade airs weekdays at 11:35 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

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