Courteney Cox Almost Falls — but Recovers! — Doing Viral #DreamsChallenge on Rollerblades

The challenge started on TikTok, where a skateboarding video set to "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac has gone viral

courteney cox
Courteney Cox. Photo: Courteney Cox/Instagram

Courteney Cox is rolling into the weekend with the viral #DreamsChallenge.

On Thursday, Cox, 56, shared a clip of herself taking on the popular trend on rollerblades.

"Rolling into reels?" she captioned the Instagram post, a video of her gliding around and singing along to "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac while sipping on what appears to be Ocean Spray cran-raspberry juice through a straw.

The Friends star took extra safety precautions with knee, elbow and wrist pads. At one point in the video, Cox almost slips — but gracefully recovered and continued filming.

The challenge started with Nathan Apodaca, who goes by @420doggface208 on TikTok and went viral on the app for skateboarding to the 1977 track while drinking cran-raspberry juice.

Last month, Apodaca was gifted a brand new truck with a trunk full of Ocean Spray goods after the skater told TMZ that the idea for his viral video came about when his car broke down on the way to work one morning.

"My car, it just shuts off sometimes," he said. "The battery, I don't know what it is, just shuts off. I always have my longboard in there, in case I run out of gas or something."

Apodaca's video inspired dozens of skateboarders to mimic his video, using "Dreams" as the soundtrack.

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Mick Fleetwood himself took inspiration from Apodaca and shared his own skating video complete with Ocean Spray, and Stevie Nicks also took on the fun challenge.

Nicks made her debut Tuesday on TikTok, and it included a nod to Apodaca. In the video, Nicks, 72, laces up some roller skates as she sits on the bench of a piano and sings the iconic Fleetwood Mac song. Next to Nicks sits a record player — and a bottle of Ocean Spray cranberry juice.

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