Jennifer Aniston Says Courteney Cox's Daughter, 15, Is 'Growing Up Way Too Fast': 'I Love You Deep'

"You're growing up way to fast. Or am I protecting?" Jennifer Aniston commented on a Thanksgiving photo of Courteney Cox and her daughter

Courteney Cox‘s daughter is all grown up — and Jennifer Aniston can’t believe it!

In celebration of Thanksgiving on Thursday, Cox, 55, shared a new mother-daughter photo on Instagram that featured 15-year-old Coco.

“So thankful!!!” Cox captioned her selfie, in which the pair poses for the camera with their faces touching.

Cox’s Friends costar and longtime close pal Aniston, who is Coco’s godmother and has known the teen since birth, couldn’t believe how mature her best friend’s daughter looked in the sweet photo.

“Coco! You’re growing up way too fast. Or am I protecting? I love you deep. ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” wrote Aniston, 50.

The Big Bang Theory alumna Kaley Cuoco also commented on the photo, writing “Twins” in the comments section of the image, which features Cox and Coco both sporting middle parts in their hair.

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Last April, Cox, who shares Coco with ex-husband David Arquette, sat down with her daughter for their first interview together as part of PEOPLE’s The Beautiful Issue, in which the duo opened up about their dynamic.

“I want her to tell me everything, and she doesn’t want to tell me anything,” said Cox. “Exactly the opposite of the childhood I had.”

But just because Coco doesn’t share everything with her mom doesn’t mean the two aren’t extremely close. “We bicker, let’s be honest, but we love each other,” said the mother of one. “We laugh a lot, for sure.”

Coco added, “I would also describe it as, well, I am a 13-year-old girl, you are a mom, so I love you, but of course we’re gonna get in fights. But we’re very close. Very close. I love you a lot.”

Cox said keeping their daughter supported and balanced — and supporting each other as parents — is an important part of raising her.

“You don’t want to go in one house and have anything split,” Cox shared. “You want it to be harmonious in both places.”

Now that Coco has entered her teen years, Cox said one of the toughest parts has been getting her to come out of her room. “It’s mostly me telling Coco, ‘Please get out of your room and come and have dinner in the kitchen.’ There’s a lot of that, for sure,” she said.

“She’s 13, she likes to be in her room. Unfortunately, I got her this big bed and that was the biggest mistake I’ve made,” added the star, joking, “You need to make a bed really uncomfortable so all they wanna do is just go there for those hours they have to. That’s the big thing, I think.”

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Although Cox said she’s not super strict, she is very particular about one thing: making sure Coco has a hobby. “My daughter is an incredible singer,” said Cox. “She does plays. No, I’m not being a stage mom. Well, I mean — “

“At times,” Coco said, cutting her off. (Cox told PEOPLE Coco has been in 16 musicals and although she isn’t sure if she will go into acting down the road like both of her parents, the actress will support anything she wants to do.)

“I’m sitting there watching you be incredible, I just send you off to the plays to be incredible,” Cox said. “She is really good. I want her to have a hobby, to make her play the piano. I wish my mom had made me play the piano because I do it on my own now, but if I’d done it consistently since I was a kid, I’d be great.”

The former Cougar Town star added, “And she’s got this instrument in her voice that I want to be backed up with either guitar, piano, I don’t care, but she has to have an activity. That I’m strict about.”

Coco said at the time that her mom had taught her “so much” in her 13 years of life, explaining, “If a stressful situation is going on, she helps me contain my stress and make me feel better. She’s taught me a lot about how to be a stronger person in general.”

While Cox is instilling in her daughter how to be strong and confident through her teen years, she said Coco has also taught her a lot.

“She’s taught me patience,” Cox said. “Probably one of the biggest things she’s taught me is to not take things personally, because really it’s not about us.”

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