By People Staff
March 26, 2010 12:00 AM
Joe Kohen/WireImage

Are you ready for this year’s “Tardy for the Party”?

The latest Housewife with music industry aspirations, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, is happy to chat about her first single, ”Money Can’t Buy You Class,” which Real Housewives of New York City fans may have heard in a preview clip. But the song will make its official debut on an upcoming episode of Bravo’s hit show.

Of the message behind the music, de Lesseps explains: “My book Class with the Countess is about my journey in life and how I learned to be elegant. I translated that into song, so I talk about how money can’t buy you class, but elegance can be learned.” While not your average dance track concept, “I have fun with it,” explains de Lesseps. “It’s a very Holly Golightly, runway, glamour-puss kind of song.”

So how do her two kids, Noel, 13, and Victoria, 15, feel about having a potential pop diva for a mom? “I’m not a rock star by any means, but my kids think it’s great,” says de Lesseps. “They know I’m a showgirl. I’ve been working in Italian television since 1990, turning letters like Vanna White. So it’s who I am, and the kids know that.”

Everyone in the Countess’s inner circle won’t be surprised when they hear the song. “I sing for my friends at dinner parties,” she says. “I sing on the show too, but they never show it because of music rights issues. So I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to write my own song about how it doesn’t matter where you’re from — anybody can be classy.’”

And since her divorced was finalized, de Lesseps splits her time between her Hamptons home and a brand-new Manhattan pied-a-terre. “I’m going to have to find a place to put a music studio,” she says. –Suzanne ZuckermanJoe Kohen/WireImage