"An important part of that is to challenge peoples' points of view," the Glee star says
Credit: Kevin Clark

Cory Monteith is having a great year! Not only did his show win its second Golden Globe – “I was shocked!” he says of the win, “even more than the first time” – but Glee is going stronger than ever and was up for a Grammy. In an interview with PEOPLE, Monteith, 28, shares his thoughts on dating in Hollywood, what’s next for his character, Finn, and why he’s proud to be on a show that encourages “people see their own situations in a new light.”

What can you tell us about what’s coming up for Finn?
Finn has a lot of love triangle-ish stuff coming up, (I actually think at this point it’s more of a love octagon) but figuring out where he stands with Rachel is absolutely something to be expected through the end of season 2.

Glee deals with many aspects of the issue of teens and sexuality. As an actor, do you consider what viewers find acceptable or unacceptable about that topic as part of your show?
I feel proud to be a part of a show that opens and encourages dialogue about sexuality and teen issues. And I think an important part of that is to challenge peoples’ points of view – to help people see their own situations in a new light.

Is dating harder or easier in Hollywood?
I’d say harder. Our schedule on the show makes it pretty difficult to get out there and meet new people sometimes. And dating costars at this point would pretty much be like dating my sisters.

If you weren’t acting right now, what would your job be?I have no idea. Terrible answer, I know, I know … But even acting kind of jumped in my lap. I really didn’t see any of this coming eight years ago!

Pick your next A-list guest star.
Maybe we could blur the line and have a character from another show guest star? Liz Lemon [Tina Fey‘s character on 30 Rock] could show up as a guidance counselor. Or the judges from American Idol could be the judges for our next sectionals performance.

What’s something you’d like to sing on Glee that might surprise people?
I’ve always wanted to sing “I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner on the show. I think it would be a good fit for Finn … and I have a bit of a soft spot for soaring 80’s rock ballads. Don’t judge me!

What did it feel like to be nominated for a Grammy, considering the first time you sang in front of people was when you auditioned for the show? Do you now consider yourself a singer?
Yeah, I guess I’d consider myself a singer now. The Grammy nomination is such a surreal experience, having been musical all my life … To be on the same stage with such amazing artists just really makes me want to pinch myself.

What else are you working on besides Glee?
I joined a band! We play shows around Southern California. Check us out at Facebook.com/bonniedune. I’ve also joined forces with Apple & Eve Fruitables and the VH1 Save the Music Foundation in the search for the “Best School Music Mash-ups in America” in an effort to promote the importance of music education for young students nationwide. I will be working with them to find the real-life glee club entries, awarding the two winning schools (one elementary and one middle school) with $10,000 each to go toward their music programs and six runners-up with $1,000 each. All the details are available at Facebook.com/appleandeve. Also, I have a movie coming out July 1 called Monte Carlo.