Corliss & Brittany: Who Do You Love More?

Two women charmed more than any other contestants in Miami, getting golden tickets, smiles and hugs from the American Idol judges on Wednesday — and they did it together!

Congratulations to Miami favorites Corliss Smith and Brittany Wescott for earning a chance to make it big in Hollywood. The two BFFs, who wooed the judges with their infectious smiles, flirtatious ways and solid vocal performances, are both 20-years-old and from Jacksonville, Fla. In fact, they have a lot in common.

“We always say that we’re sisters. We probably were separated at birth,” Brittany told the Idol cameras, when the ladies were first introduced in Miami. “We kind of like the same food, we like the same things to do.”

And, she said, “We love to sing.”

And boy did they sing! Corliss, who says she likes her men skinny like host Ryan Seacrest (“He’s the love of my life!” she proclaimed.), sang to skinnier judge Simon Cowell, while Brittany, who said Ryan’s too skinny, sang to stockier judge Randy Jackson. But both women pleased all three judges:

Paula said: “I’m pretty impressed… These are my ladies. I love them both.”

Simon gave a “yes” to both (but still made a crack about their size).

Randy said simply but enthusiastically, “Welcome to Hollywood!”

Corliss and Brittany clearly captured the judges’ hearts and making it to the Hollywood round is just one more thing these two have in common (and we’ll be watching out for them in a couple weeks). But who has the better shot at going all the way?

Tell us: Did you like Corliss or Brittany better in their auditions? Which one will you root for if they both make it to the Idol stage?

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