Corinne Olympios Reveals She's Dating a New Man: 'He Is So Caring and So Supportive of Me'

The Bachelor star recently shared that she ended a three-month long engagement to an ex-boyfriend

Corinne Olympios has a new man in her life.

After recently revealing that she ended a three-month long engagement with an ex-boyfriend, the 25-year-old opens up to PEOPLE about her budding relationship.

“I am dating someone right now,” shares Olympios, who stayed tight-lipped about her new boyfriend’s name.

“It was a set up from a friend. A reality TV friend,” adds the So Random with Corinne podcast host. “I’m really happy about it.”

As for what Olympios loves about him? “I just think that he is so caring and so supportive of me,” she says.

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“He’s also hilarious, which I need,” she continues. “I need someone funny. My past relationships they didn’t laugh at funny things.”

And although her new boyfriend doesn’t watch SpongeBob Squarepants with her, “He’s okay with me making SpongeBob references and laughing with me about them,” Olympios says. “Past guys I’ve dated were like, ‘Ew. That’s so immature.’ It’s like, ‘C’mon just laugh about it. Be cute for a second. You’re so boring!’”

Olympios admits that she’ll eventually share who her new love is with her fans, but for now, the Miami-native is happy keeping the relationship under wraps.

Explains Olympios: “I just feel like I’ve been through so much with relationships in this past single year that I need to take it in my own slow pace. And when I’m ready—you know I’m not hiding anything—pictures will start popping up, but I’m just not going to blurb it out to the world just yet.”

Earlier this year, Olympios was at the center of a Bachelor in Paradise sex scandal along with costar DeMario Jackson. However, Olympios and Jackson have moved past what happened over the summer, forming a friendship and happily hanging out on occasion.

“DeMario and I are cool,” Olympios says. “I mean, it was never between him and I. It was kind of just a weird situation. That’s all I can say.”

But, would she ever return to BiP?

Bachelor in Paradise, I mean again, I have no bad relationship with the Bachelor family, so I mean, I don’t really know,” the reality star says. “Whatever is to come is to come, and I’ll decide at the time.”

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