Corinne Olympios on 'The Bachelor' -Themed 'Fear Factor'  Episode: 'Rose Ceremonies Are More Scary!'

Olympios is going up against Rachel Lindsay, Danielle Maltby, Vanessa Grimaldi and Alexis Waters

This might just be the most dramatic Fear Factor episode of all time.

MTV recently announced 10 one-hour celebrity episodes filled with new stunts performed by your favorite stars — and on this week’s installment, it’s a Bachelor Nation takeover.

Featured on the episode are Bachelorette alums Rachel Lindsay and fiancé Bryan Abasolo, as well as Bachelor alums Danielle Maltby, Vanessa Grimaldi, Alexis Waters and, last but not least, Corinne Olympios, who’s dishing on all the drama. (Check out a sneak peek in the clip above.)

“I grew up watching Fear Factor so when I got the opportunity, I just thought it was a really fun and cool way to show people who I am in a different light,” Olympios, 26, tells PEOPLE. “We were all lighthearted and funny about it because it’s for a great cause. We all just really wanted to win the money for the charity of our choice.”

So who was the bravest?

“I think it was Alexis,” says Olympios. “And Rachel is very competitive. She was super confident. I was only in for the first round because I’m a big scaredy-cat and and couldn’t get myself together. But I had to take these creatures and animals and put them into a box that was attached to our bodies and transfer them to boxes across a runway — it was kind of like a relay race.”

“I think rose ceremonies are more scary!” she adds with a laugh.

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Needless to say, it’s not Olympios’ first return to the small screen since she made a name for herself on the Bachelor franchise. She recently made headlines after being duped into appearing on Sacha Baron Cohen‘s satirical series Who Is America?. She’s since watched the episode — “I just was like, I can’t believe that happened,” — and says she’s moving past the experience.

“I feel like a lot of people do realize the situation I was in and why I said the things I said,” she says. “I get asked left and right about it. I think people are realizing that he did it to everyone, not just me, and some worse than others. It was just a weird, weird situation I was put in. And I didn’t really know how to handle that.”

“I’m definitely not scared of going back on TV,” she adds. “But I’m definitely going to be more cautious about where I go.”

New episodes of celebrity Fear Factor air Tuesdays (10 p.m. ET) on MTV.

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