Corey Feldman made his 'Today Show' comeback and he did it 'for America'


Talk about a comeback!

Corey Feldman and his Angels returned to the Today Show stage on Thursday and performed their new song “Take a Stand” — and that’s exactly what he did.

Dressed in white and gold and flocked by his angelic band, Feldman proudly told Tamron Hall that things have turned around since his first performance on the morning show last month that left him in tears after critics ridiculed the musician.

“A lot of people get hate in the beginning, because we’re doing something new,” he said. “But it’s all about innovation and being an artist, and we can’t be afraid to share our art. I’m not letting the bullies get to us… This song is for America.”

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The musician’s second performance featured singing dancing and again, a costume change for his new song off his new double CD, “Angelic 2 the Core,” which was released in June.

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Credit: Courtesy Today

The child star, now 45, recently opened up to PEOPLE about dealing with the harsh critics following his first performance.

“No matter how mean and awful people can be,” he said, “I can’t let that affect me.”