Bohan alleged Patridge is "trying to goad [him] into a confrontation or violation of the restraining order to gain media coverage"

Audrina Patridge‘s divorce from Corey Bohan is only getting uglier.

On Monday, the Hills star’s ex filed a request for a temporary emergency order against Patridge, alleging she is “trying to goad [him] into a confrontation or violation of the restraining order to gain media coverage.”

Patridge, 32, filed for divorce and was granted a temporary restraining and child abduction prevention order against Bohan, 35, in September.

Earlier this week, she was granted full custody of the couple’s 1-year-old daughter Kirra and their dog. In exchange for $35,000, Bohan had agreed to vacate the home they shared by Friday.

In documents filed on Monday obtained by The Blast, Bohan asked that the court order Patridge, 32, to not “harass or disturb my peace while I remain in the residence, or allow third parties to do so” and abide by her own restraining order against him by not entering the family home.

The judge denied his request on Tuesday.

In the documents, Bohan accused his ex of “intentionally harassing and disturbing my peace by entering and also causing third parties to enter the family residence where I am still residing and attempting to prohibit my entry when I have been authorized … to stay in the residence until Oct. 13, 2017.”

“Not only is this a potential violation of the restraining order, it is causing me severe emotional distress and anxiety as my personal belongings have been ransacked and I am in danger of being arrested if I am within 100 yards of Audrina even if she is the party causing our proximity to fall within 100 yards,” he continued.

Bohan claimed that on Oct. 6, Patridge left a court hearing in their case early and tried to gain access to the family home while he was still in court. In a separate court filing, Patridge has claimed that Bohan changed the locks on the home, and that her wedding rings are missing.

“Audrina claims that she was only entering the family residence to obtain belongings and items for our daughter, but I believe this to be disingenuous,” Bohan wrote in the court filing. “First, she already accessed the property on Sept. 19, 2017 and second I will be moving out on the 13th, a mere week away from the time Audrina again entered.”

A source close to Patridge, however, tells PEOPLE the star “did what she could to get in and get Kirra’s toys and clothes.”

“She wasn’t trying to entrap him,” says the source. “If Corey were a good father he would have let Audrina and Kirra stay in the house so that his baby didn’t have to be uprooted. He’s essentially holding the house for ransom. Audrina just wants this to be over.”

Bohan, however, argued that Patridge’s “conduct since she filed for the restraining order has not been that of a victim, but rather more of the aggressor by intentionally taking actions that serve no legitimate purpose other than to harass me and intensify the current situation.”

“I believe that her actions are attempts to cause me to violate the restraining order so that I will be arrested,” he continued. “I have done nothing to violate the current temporary restraining order and even agreed to move out of the family residence within one week to try to calm the situation so that we can both focus on our daughter. It seems that Audrina wants just the opposite. This entire situation seems to be nothing but a game to her and a means of gaining media attention.”

Patridge and Bohan wed in Hawaii in November 2016. They had been dating on and off since 2008 before their engagement in November 2015.

In her declaration submitted Sept. 18, Patridge chronicled multiple instances of alleged emotional abuse and violent outbursts by Bohan, which he has denied.

“I am fearful of [Corey’s] temper because he cannot control his swearing and personal attacks on me, even when in the presence of our young daughter,” she alleged. “I fled my home with our daughter [on Sept. 6], and have been staying with my parents because of [Bohan’s] abusive behavior.”

Both sides are due back in court again on Dec. 11.