'I Knew I Recognized You!' These Contestants Met the' Bachelor' or 'Bachelorette' Before They Stepped Out of the Limo

From one-night stands to racing fans, here are all of the contestants who couldn't wait until their limo introductions

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Kelley Flanagan

John Fleenor/ABC

With the kick-off of Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor, we were introduced to 30 women vying for the pilot's heart. One of the contestants hoping to make her mark, 27-year-old Kelley Flanagan, admitted right off the bat that she had met Weber a month before.

According to Flanagan, she was weighing her options about the reality series while at a friend's wedding when, as fate would have it, she spotted Pilot Pete himself at the same hotel for his 10-year high school reunion.

"I didn't really want to do this at first. I kept saying there would be a sign from God to tell me if I should do this," she told Weber upon meeting him.

"The hotel lobby … that's insane!" a visibly pleased Weber replied. "I'm so happy you're here."

As she walked away, he added to the camera, "I was hoping she'd come by."

After initially being eliminated before hometown dates on Peter's (very dramatic) season, the pair reunited amid the coronavirus pandemic, quarantined together and are now officially dating!

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Lauren Burnham

Paul Hebert/ABC

Before she ended up with Arie Luyendyk Jr., Lauren Burnham revealed upon exiting the limo that she had met him before. She gifted the race car driver a framed photo of that fateful day, and the rest is history.

After Luyendyk initially chose Becca Kufrin for a fiancée, he broke things off with her (on television) and asked runner-up Burnham for her hand in marriage (also on television). The pair are now married and share a daughter, Alessi Ren.

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Jake from Minneapolis

Paul Hebert/ABC

Becca Kufrin had no problem interrogating one contestant's motives when he showed up at the Bachelorette mansion after having met her multiple times. It wasn't so much that they knew each other, but that he hadn't shown any interest in her until she became the Bachelorette.

Kufrin immediately recognized Jake when he exited the limo, saying in her one-on-one interview, "What the heck? I definitely didn't expect to see someone I semi-knew coming out of the limo," she shared. "Jake is an acquaintance. I've met him on multiple occasions, and so now, I don't know. I don't know."

She swiftly pulled him aside and told him that she thought his motives were shady. "I'm not 100 percent comfortable with just knowing that we've met multiple times in the past and just not having any interest," she said.

"I think I would just constantly question your intentions here," she added before giving him the boot before the first rose ceremony.

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Heather Martin

Colie Martin
Colie Martin/Instagram

Martin's sister blew her cover when she posted a photo of the contestant meeting Colton Underwood at an event on Instagram. She captioned the photo, "Virgins all around #virginlivesmatter #jointhecolt #coltonforbachelor #pickheather 😂"

She added, "PS scroll to the left to see Heather and Colton's first one on one 👫"

Underwood's virginity was a hot topic throughout his time on the franchise. For her part, Martin admitted to Colton that she had never been kissed. She was sent home week seven of the competition.

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Liz Sandoz

Rick Rowell/ABC

When Nick Viall greeted the ladies of his season of The Bachelor, he wasn't expecting to see a one-night stand come out of the limo.

Fans cringed as Viall came face-to-face with Sandoz - nine months after they hooked up following Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's January 2016 wedding. (Did we mention that Sandoz was Roper's maid-of-honor?)

As the story goes, after their tryst, Viall asked for Sandoz's phone number and she refused. She seemingly changed her mind when she found out that he was picked as the Bachelor, and threw her hat in the ring for a shot at love.

In Viall's PEOPLE exclusive blog, he addressed his surprise second meeting with Sandoz on the premiere.

"When she stepped out of the limo I was in utter shock. I had no idea that she was planning on coming, and I hadn't spoken with her in about nine months. I was eager to speak with her and had a ton of questions," he penned, and later wrote about why he gave her the final rose.

"The night of Jade and Tanner's wedding was great, and this was a girl that I was once intrigued by when we first met. I also considered the fact that Liz must have been very nervous and I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. I wanted to at least have the chance to finish that conversation with Liz before I made any drastic decisions regarding our relationship," he added.

Viall later sent Liz home during a group date in week two after she told the other women that they had slept together.

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