"People wanted to make sure I wasn't that mean in real life," Zimmer, 44, tells PEOPLE

By Ana Calderone and Scott Huver
Updated December 02, 2020 01:30 AM
Credit: Getty

Lifetime’s faux reality romance show UnREAL has left fans begging for more.

“A lot of people want to know if it’s really what reality television is like,” Shiri Appleby told PEOPLE at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday.

“And they were interested in the hot guys. I was getting a lot of, “What about Adam?” she adds of the show’s Bachelor-esque suitor played by Freddie Stroma.

But for Appleby’s costar Constance Zimmer, the fans had a different concern.

“I think for me, a lot of it was people wanted to make sure I wasn’t that mean in real life,” says Zimmer, 44. Adds Appleby: “She is. Just in case anyone’s asking.”

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But jokes aside, Zimmer says there’s been “an overwhelming sense of thank you for representing strong, flawed women on television so well, that we like.” Even if that wasn’t the intention.

“We weren’t trying to make people like us, we were just trying to kind of tell a story in a very dark way,” she says.

Before Appleby and Zimmer continue filming the hit summer show – which was picked up for a second season – Appleby, 36, is preparing to welcome her second child with chef Jon Shook.

“My second time around, what’s been interesting about it is that, it feels like a different experience. I’m not having the same cravings, and it’s interesting having a toddler and being pregnant. You kind of have to learn how to manage your time and get those naps in,” she says. “Nothing’s that surprising. It’s more just really exciting. And thankfully, the baby will show up before we go back to work.”