The once cancelled sitcom is back with even more laughs

By Patrick Gomez
March 03, 2015 05:35 PM
Courtesy Yahoo!

It’s un-Dean-iable, the trailer for the new season of Community has us super excited for season 6 to hit Yahoo Screen on March 17.

For those who have not had the chance to watch it, here are the five most hilarious quotes from the new trailer:

5. "You are the worst actor I’ve ever directed, and I’ve directed both Wahlbergs!" –??? (Jason Mantzoukas)
We might not know the name of the character played by Parks and Recreation‘s Mantzoukas, but that doesn’t make it any less funny when he pours a drink over Chang’s (Ken Jeong) head as he compares him to brothers Donnie and Mark Wahlberg.

And what is Mantzoukas’s character directing?

Joel McHale might have the answer.

“We’re doing a sci-fi movie [this season], but it’s Abed’s movie,” the actor told PEOPLE. “He’s finally making his movie. Just wait until you see it.”

4. "If I see any race gangs forming, I will have no choice but to adjust the contrast on your screens until you all look the same." –Dean Pelton (Jim Rash)
Though many of the Greendale students have done plenty of illegal things, Dean Pelton is actually referring to the inmates (including Cougar Town‘s Brian Van Holt) who are virtually attending the community as part of a revenue-generating program.

3. "I have a brain the size of Jupiter. I’m nobody’s fourth Ghostbuster." –Elroy Patashnik (Keith David)
Elroy (a new addition to The Study Group in season 6) defends himself in hopes of not being relegated to a smaller role like actor Ernie Hudson says he was when filming Ghostbusters.

But the actor playing Elroy has nothing to worry about in terms of being trusted with more material by those he is working with.

“Keith is outstanding. He’s so hilarious,” McHale said of his new costar. “He is such a powerful actor and when he turns that power on for comedy, he is so funny.”

2. "Did we give a degree to a dog?" –Francesca "Frankie" Dart (Paget Brewster)
The new recruit has a few questions for Dean Pelton about the practices of the struggling community college he is running.

“Why are these hard questions?!” asks Annie (Alison Brie) when the Dean flounders for an answer.

1. "Are any of you white people noticing what is happening to this group?" –Chang
Making a reference to Shirley’s (Yvette Nicole Brown) departure after season 5 and Troy’s (Donald Glover) exit after season 4, Jeong’s character points out that The Study Group’s table is getting less and less diverse.

“You have my word as leader of the white people, you have no cause for alarm,” Jeff (McHale) says in response to Chang’s comment.

But Chang’s point is only further driven home when Dean Pelton enters to introduce the porcelain-skinned Frankie: “Say hello to New Shirley!”

Community premieres on Yahoo Screen March 17.