"We don t have the FCC restraints anymore," McHale tells PEOPLE. "But that s not to say that we will be nude all the time"

By Patrick Gomez
Updated March 17, 2015 03:10 PM
Credit: Adam Taylor/Yahoo Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television

Class is back in session – and this time there are no rules.

After five seasons on NBC, the cult sitcom Community has moved to Yahoo Screen, where the show has escaped the restraints of broadcast network regulations.

“We don’t have the FCC restraints anymore,” star Joel McHale tells PEOPLE. “But that’s not to say that we will be nude and cursing all the time.”

While Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) would be disappointed that McHale’s character Jeff Winger won’t be spending episodes in his birthday suit, Community fans – and the cast – are rejoicing in the fact that there is a sixth season at all.

“We had all mourned the loss of the show. We had a commiserating dinner where we all were like, ‘Well, that’s that. It’s all over,’ ” McHale says of the show being canceled by NBC last year. “And then on the last day of the last hour that our contracts were still active, they picked up the show. It was a vindication of the show’s popularity and what it meant to the people.”

The new season – which became available for streaming March 17 on Yahoo Screen – marks the departure of series regular Yvette Nicole Brown, as well as the addition of Keith David and Paget Brewster. But aside from that, McHale says the show will essentially still feel the same despite the move online.

“It’s been a whole different culture. [At NBC] the attitude was, ‘You’re lucky to be on the air, and we’ll see if we renew you,’ ” says the actor. “I think the biggest difference is that Yahoo is serious about the show and believes in it. We’ve never had that before and that’s great.”

Not to mention the chance at a sixth season has reinvigorated the show’s creative team.

“I can tell you these are the best scripts I’ve ever done,” says McHale. “I am skipping to work each day because I am so happy about what is happening.”

Community premieres new episodes Tuesdays on Yahoo Screen.

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