Kelsey McNeal/FOX
July 11, 2008 12:00 AM

Thursday’s live results show put the judges to the ultimate test, as they deliberated for a final time before America takes the reigns next week, narrowing the field from 12 to 10, as the search continues for America’s favorite dancer on So You Think You Can Dance. Leaving the competition, Comfort Fedoke and Thayne Jasperson said their goodbyes — but not for good, as judge Nigel Lythgoe revealed to the audience that both (and two more to be announced!) will join the national tour.

The show opened with a flashy hip-hop extravaganza choreographed by the innovative husband and wife team of Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo, who lit up the set as the dancers glowed in the dark to Ne-Yo‘s “Closer.” Before long, the fun was over and it was time for Cat Deeley to begin the process of elimination.

New pair Comfort and Thayne, who’ve both been in the bottom three before, were joined by Will Wingfield and Jessica King, who danced “one of the best pieces ever seen on the show” the night before, according to a heartbroken Mary Murphy. Shockingly, Favorites Kherington Payne and Stephen ‘Twitch’ Boss also had to dance for their lives, proving to Nigel that “nobody is safe on this show.”

The dancers performed their solo routines, Katy Perry rocked her hit single “I Kissed a Girl” and then Nigel let Comfort know that her journey had come to an end. And, after he revealed to the boys that Thayne was leaving, he lamented that this is one time he wished two women were leaving so all three men could stay.

SYTYCD “has been the best experience I ever had,” said a proud Comfort, one of the best female hip-hop dancers the show has ever seen. “It’s not the end … I’m not going to stop!” Still reeling from the compliment Nigel gave him, Thayne sadly was unable to offer final words — only his signature smile — as the jam-packed show ran out of time. — Jed DrebenKelsey McNeal/FOX

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