Lange went to rehab earlier this year after testing positive for cocaine twice in two months
Artie Lange
Credit: Artie Lange/Twitter

Artie Lange is well on his way to recovery!

The comedian and longtime contributor for The Howard Stern Show announced in a tweet on Tuesday that he was officially out of rehab after seven months of sobriety.

Lange, 51, originally checked into the facility earlier this year after testing positive for cocaine twice in two months.

“Great to be home! 7 months 14 days sober but one day at a time. Lots of new stories to tell,” he wrote in the tweet, before revealing his plans to return to comedy. “Will announce some new tour dates on Friday. Thanks for the support. Love you all.”

Along with the exciting news, Lange posted a photo of himself to show fans that he was not only feeling happy, but also looking healthy, as he noticeably lost weight while receiving treatment.

Fans were also quick to pick up on his new physical appearance and responded to his tweet with congratulatory messages of support.

“Congrats artie. You look like you again. Only slimmer lol,” wrote one follower, while another added, “You look great, Artie!”

“Looking tremendous brother! So happy to see you looking healthy. One day at a time, we’re always here for you dude” added someone else.

“So proud of you. You look great. Keep up the hard work. We’re in your corner,” supportively wrote another fan.

Lange’s news of his sobriety comes after nearly two years of highs and lows for the comedian-actor.

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Artie Lange
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In December 2017, the troubled entertainer — who rose to fame as a performer on Howard Stern‘s radio show — was arrested at his home in Hoboken after failing to appear in Essex County Superior Court for charges stemming from a drug arrest in May 2017, Essex County Sheriff Armando Fontoura previously confirmed to PEOPLE.

Days later, he made his plea in a New Jersey court, according to Katherine Carter, a spokesperson for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office. Lange pleaded guilty to possessing 81 decks of heroin, a term that usually refers to a bag of heroin weighing roughly 1-15 oz. and costs about $5 to $10 each, according to Carter.

In exchange for pleading guilty to the heroin charge, prosecutors dismissed charges for possession of cocaine brought against Lange on Feb. 23, 2016, Carter said. According to Carter, Lange said he would voluntarily enter a rehab facility, even though it was not a condition of his deal.

The comedian was also required to serve four years of probation for testing positive for cocaine, amphetamine, benzodiazepines and Suboxone at the time.

In January 2018, Lange revealed to his fans that he was one month sober in a series of tweets.

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“I’m back guys. Clean & Sober 32 days. One day at a time,” wrote Lange, before going on to thank his fans, whom he regarded as “the greatest fans in the world” for their commitment in supporting him through his battle with substance abuse.

“I love you all for not forgetting me. To the ones who did. I’m so sorry. I’m a junky. But a recovering one right now,” he shared. “I’m gonna stop by the AA show Monday. After AA. I am not sure they’ll have me back. But I f—– up … u guys if get knocked down on the canvas I will always get up.”

A year later, however, the comedian reported to Essex County Jail in New Jersey after testing positive for cocaine for the second time in less than two months. The star also tested positive for morphine, his lawyer told PEOPLE.

A representative for Lange later tweeted from the star’s account, saying, “Artie will be undergoing a long term treatment program, he loves and respects his fans … updates coming soon … and it’s time – TeamLange.”

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please contact the SAMHSA substance abuse helpline at 1-800-662-HELP.