Colman Domingo 'Was Mortified' When Oprah Winfrey Learned He Impersonated Her After Becoming Friends

"I always feel like she looks at me like, 'I know what you did!' " Colman Domingo said of Oprah Winfrey, whom he befriended after impersonating her on The Big Gay Sketch Show

Colman Domingo has found a friend in Oprah Winfrey.

The Euphoria actor, 52, opened up about befriending the talk show legend, 67, years after impersonating her on The Big Gay Sketch Show as he appeared on Wednesday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

"I did a version of Oprah, and it's a really weird, dark, crazy, highly sexually charged sketch," Domingo told host Jimmy Kimmel. "But I did find out that she found out that I played her."

He noted that it was Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Lee Daniels who tipped off Winfrey to the sketch, after Domingo had become friends with her.

"Lee called me up one day and was like, 'You know, I showed Oprah Big Gay Sketch Show and you playing her,' " he recounted. "And I was mortified, because the sketch ... at some point I'm wearing a ball gag in my mouth, she's having crazy sex and doing weird things.

Big Gay Sketch Show
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"So, every time I see her — because I've actually been very friendly with Oprah — and every time I see her, I always feel like she looks at me like, 'I know what you did!' But she's jovial and friendly. She never brings it up, maybe she's waiting for the right moment," Domingo added.

Domingo appeared alongside Kate McKinnon on The Big Gay Sketch Show, which was produced by Rosie O'Donnell and ran for three seasons on Logo from 2007 to 2010.

The Zola star also raved over his friendship with the OWN media mogul, opening up about the brunch and ball he attended at her Montecito, California, home, where they honored civil rights legends like John Lewis and Sidney Poitier. He added that he "started to dream bigger" after the occasion.

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"I saw a picture of myself at that brunch and I'm just crying the whole time. I'm like, 'I don't believe this is happening. Look who's here!' " he said, imitating tears. "I feel like I was a weeping mess."

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