Cole Sprouse Celebrates 'Riverdale' 's 100th Episode: 'It's Been a Wild Ride'

The 100th episode of Riverdale airs Tuesday night on The CW

cole sprouse
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Cole Sprouse is reflecting on his Riverdale journey ahead of the show's landmark 100th episode on Tuesday.

Sprouse, who has starred as Jughead Jones on all six seasons of the CW series, recently opened up to Entertainment Tonight about the milestone, sharing that the 100th episode is his all-time "favorite."

"I really loved it," he said of the episode. "I thought the script was really considerate of the entire lineage of the show. I know it can be a bit confusing, but I think it does a really, really good job of speaking directly to the audience who has stuck with us for a while."

"And also, it's one of the first times — outside general narration — but one of the first times the show has actually discussed why it is the way it is, which I think is important, because this is a cult program, right?" the 29-year-old actor continued. "It's really campy, it's really large, it can be abstract at times."

cole sprouse
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Sprouse then teased that reaching 100 episodes has made him feel old. "I've been working since diaper commercials, so I'm starting to feel like an old fart," he joked.

Sprouse and his twin brother Dylan appeared in various TV shows and movies as young children before starring on Disney Channel's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. After the show and it's spinoff ended, Sprouse took a break from acting to attend college and subsequently landed his Riverdale role.

"When I left Disney and I went to school and I came back, the entire industry had changed from social media, specifically," he told ET. "Social media was the biggest changing force that the industry had ever seen."

"And all of a sudden, for the first time, in a very statistical and numbers sort of way, the industry had become quite conscious of marketability in a way that it had been, but not as much," Sprouse added. "Sheer number games, follower counts, active presence on social media, things that I was never really privy to, and things that ended up becoming the industry standard."

cole sprouse
Dean Buscher/The CW. Dean Buscher/The CW

As for Riverdale, he said the hit teen series has been a "huge opportunity" for him and his other young costars.

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"I think I'm very lucky that people took to the show, and it's created an absolutely stellar platform for all of the young actors on the show to — when the show eventually wraps itself — go, 'My god, that was a huge opportunity,' and it served as a huge opportunity for us, and it gave us the opportunity to work with a crew that I'm been very close to for six seasons," he said.

Sprouse continued, "It's been a wild ride. But I think we're celebrating this 100th episode, and I hope in an industry where we binge these shows now, I'm hoping that the audience can sit down and go, 'Wow. 100 episodes. That is insane,' and appreciate the amount of work that has gone into that."

The 100th episode of Riverdale airs Tuesday (9 p.m. ET) on The CW.

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