Lifetime's movie about the Menendez brothers will be released June 10


Brothers Lyle and Erik Menendez made headlines for their brutal murder of their parents in August 1989 and the trial that ensued became a national fascination.

Lifetime will release their own take on the events that led both brothers to end up behind bars — both were convicted of murder in 1996 — in the upcoming movie Menendez: Blood Brothers.

A teaser for the film begins with reporters stating some of the sentiments at the time. A male TV journalist reports from the scene, saying to camera, “I’m in Beverly Hills, the last place you’d expect a shocking and brutal murder to take place.” Then, a female reporter’s voice is heard saying, “Lyle and Erik Menendez are cold-blooded killers.”

But the movie also covers the alleged sexual abuse the brothers say that they suffered from their father over the years. One scene shows the boys’ father Jose hovering over Erik sleeping in bed.

“You don’t understand what our dad was like,” Erik says in the preview clip. “Dad said he would kill me if I told anybody.”

The teaser also features a first peek of Courtney Love as Kitty Menendez, asking her sons for forgiveness. (The brothers alleged that their mother knew about the abuse, but chose to ignore it.)

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The preview concludes with a clip of both brothers examining the shotguns that would eventually be used to murder their parents, with one brother saying, “He will never touch you again, I promise.”

Menendez: Blood Brothers will premiere June 10 on Lifetime.