'How I Met Your Mother' Star Cobie Smulders Has Surprise Cameo in 'How I Met Your Father' Season 1 Finale

Cobie Smulders returned to reprise her How I Met Your Mother character Robin Scherbatsky

Hilary Duff and Cobie Smulders
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How I Met Your Father had some unexpected appearances featuring stars from How I Met Your Mother — but the biggest cameo of them all was in the Hulu hit's season 1 finale.

As fans of the Hilary Duff-led series will recall, Becky (Laura Bell Bundy) and George Van Smoot (Kyle MacLachlan) — a.k.a. The Captain — appeared in the penultimate episode of HIMYF. The pair, unfortunately, are going their separate ways.

Becky and The Captain do make a couple more brief appearances in the finale episode, though the next unexpected set of cameos occurred at the iconic MacLarens Pub, which was heavily featured in HIMYM on CBS.

In the Hulu show's season 1 finale, Duff's character Sophie paid a visit to the bar beneath Jesse (Chris Lowell) and Sid's (Suraj Sharma) apartment, which was previously Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) and Marshall Eriksen's (Jason Segel) former home. Sophie stopped by after she fought with Jesse who accidentally confessed his love to her in his sleep. But upon learning that Jesse turned down his ex Meredith's (Leighton Meester) offer to play piano on her tour, Sophie felt it was "kind of a lot" — and he promptly asked for her to leave.

While at MacLarens Pub, Sophie was instantly greeted by Carl the Bartender (Joe Nieves). She made a rather confusing whiskey order because it had been "a day" for her, leading a mystery woman at the bar to ask how bad her day had gone. The woman in question was Robin Scherbatsky, a.k.a HIMYM OG Cobie Smulders.

How I Met Your Father -- “Timing Is Everything” - Episode 110 -- Sophie gets romantic advice from someone who's been through it all. Valentina and Charlie face a tough crossroads. Jesse makes a choice. Robin (Cobie Smulders), shown. (Photo by: Patrick Wymore/Hulu)
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Sophie instantly recognized Robin because, at this point in the narrative, the Canadian journalist is a big-time news personality. They then sat down at the HIMYM gang's former booth so Robin can advise Sophie on what to do about Jesse.

In their conversation, Robin recalled how Ted once told her he loved her on their first date, resulting in Sophie saying he "sounds like a real piece of work."

"You have no idea. But a good piece of work," said Robin, referencing the CBS hit's series controversial finale in which she finally ends up with Ted following her divorce from Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris).

"Which brings me to my advice. Do not waste your time being scared, Sophie. Fear can make you run away from things that could be good. Great, even," Robin said. "Things that are supposed to be a part of your story. So, really think about it. What did Jesse do wrong other than say everything you ever wanted a guy to say, just faster than you expected?"

cobie smulders
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Added Robin, "Sophie, I have been married, I've been single, I've been everything in between. And the only decisions I regret making are the ones I made out of fear. So, do me a favor, okay? Time travel 20 years into the future and ask future you, 'Future me, what do I wish I did 20 years ago the night I met smoking hot and somehow still full of gravitas, news superstar Robin Scherbatsky?' And whatever future you say, do that."

But it appeared that Sophie was a little too late. Upon going back upstairs to talk to Jesse, she caught him kissing Meredith. Sophie then returned to MacLarens Pub and told Robin what had happened.

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"Maybe he's not such a bad guy, this Jesse," Robin said. "If I've learned anything at all about love, it's that timing is everything. Sometimes, timing is a bitch."

Robin then excused herself from the conversation, saying she had to head off to her dinner with fellow journalists Savannah Guthrie and Katie Couric.

"You're going to be okay," Robin told Sophie before leaving. "I'll meet future you back here in 20 years for a drink just to make sure."

How I Met Your Father -- “Timing Is Everything” - Episode 110 -- Sophie gets romantic advice from someone who's been through it all. Valentina and Charlie face a tough crossroads. Jesse makes a choice. Sophie (Hilary Duff), shown.
Patrick Wymore/Hulu

HIMYM ran on CBS from 2005 to 2014. Shortly after it wrapped its nine-season run, series creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas were working on developing a spinoff series titled How I Met Your Dad. The show, starring Greta Gerwig in the lead role, was canceled before it ever made it to air, though the pilot and its script did eventually leak online.

The Duff-led iteration, created by Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger, was announced last April and premiered on Hulu in January. Last month, the streaming service renewed the show for a second season.

Kim Cattrall, Francia Raísa, Tom Ainsley and Tien Tran also star in the series.

Season 1 of How I Met Your Father is now streaming on Hulu.

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