Clues About 'Mad Men' 's Top Secret Second Season

Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/AMC

As executive producer of the mob-hit The Sopranos, Matthew Weiner learned how to keep a secret. As the creator of the Golden Globe-winning AMC show Mad Men, he’s making sure his actors do, too.

On the red carpet Monday, where the Mad Men cast, including Jon Hamm (pictured) gathered for a panel discussion at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in North Hollywood, Vincent Kartheiser, who plays the conniving ad man Pete Campbell, quickly learned the consequences of revealing any details about the show’s top secret plot.

“All I can say, it’s a prequel,” Kartheiser said about the upcoming premiere of the second season.

“Don’t say that,” Weiner said, standing next to him.

“It takes place in 1931,” Kartheiser explained, trying to shake off a possible misstep. (The finale ended at Thanksgiving 1960 and many viewers have wondered whether the series will pick up from there.)

“I can tell you that in episode three or so, Vincent, as an actor, will be very much available,” Weiner said.

Kartheiser’s character would never get whacked (right?!), but when you’re talking to Weiner, anything is possible.

The show, which takes place in an advertising agency on Madison Avenue in ’60s New York City, quickly developed a dedicated audience that lapped up every plot twist and turn. The 13-episode season ended last year and left viewers anxiously waiting for Season 2, which starts this summer.

The cast and creators have been so tight-lipped about the upcoming season that every word about the show begs to be dissected for clues.

Jon Hamm, whose portrayal of ultra-cool Don Draper was awarded with a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a drama earlier this year, may have inadvertently dropped a hint while explaining a flashback scene that showed Draper leaving behind his original identity.

“We see the actual scene where my character Dick Whitman gets his Don Draper name and background. And it’s this horrible, violent, visceral experience and from that moment we see all of what has transpired from the beginning of the show. This guy went from there to here, which I think lays a pretty fertile ground for … Season 2, to find out what happens from there to now.”

Sounds promising! –Elaine AradillasCraig Blankenhorn/AMC

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