Clinton Kelly Returns to TLC for Makeovers – with a Shot at Love

Casting is underway for a new series, co-hosted by Real World vet Devyn Simone, that helps singles improve their online dating profiles

Photo: Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Clinton Kelly is returning to TLC!

The longtime What Not to Wear host will return to the network later this summer for an as-yet-untitled show on which he and Real World veteran Devyn Simone make over people’s online dating profiles.

Though Kelly has been married to psychologist Damon Bayles since 2009, he freely admits he’s obsessed with how dating works these days: “Whenever I have a single friend anywhere near me, and they’re on their apps … I’m like, ‘Give me your phone.’ I need to see what’s out there. I’m fascinated by how crazy it is now.”

The snap judgments the drive online dating are familiar turf for Kelly, who spent 10 years helping women improve the way they presented themselves to the world.

Another draw? His co-host. Kelly says he reached out to Simone, who writes a dating blog, over Twitter after watching her on MTV’s The Challenge.

From there, the show “really came about organically. It wasn’t like I was out there looking for another makeover show. Believe me, after What Not to Wear was over, I got pitched every makeover show in the world.”

And while fans might be tempted to compare twentysomething Simone to his WNTW partner Stacy London, Kelly believes his real-world rapport with Simone is one of a few keys to this new series.

“I know that I have a really good friend in my co-host,” he says. “I know that I love the subject matter and it fascinates me. I know the frustration women have when it comes to dating – it’s just brutal!”

Kelly admits he’s seeing a lot of the same mistakes all over again with this new series (“too freaky, too casual, too sexy”), and while Simone will fine-tune the daters’ profiles (“she’s got it down to a science”), Kelly will continue to play to his strengths in styling.

“My goal is to provide each of the women with five outfits that would hit every possible first date,” he says of his future charges, who are being selected now.

“Being too sexy is probably the biggest mistake that you can make. Being too kooky is also a turn-off. Being boring is another turn-off. You’ve got a picture of yourself in yoga pants and a hoodie – if the guy’s looking for a suburban mom of three that loves grocery shopping, all right, fine. Ultimately, you want to come off as your most vibrant self. I think that’s the most important thing.”

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