Chuck Wicks Takes His Final Dancing Bow

Photo: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Tuesday night’s elimination round proved once again who’s in charge of the dancefloor-… the fans.

Despite scoring fourth out of the six remaining couples, country singer Chuck Wicks and his partner-girlfriend Julianne Hough were sent home.

“I remember the first week, I came out nervous. And the last two weeks, we’ve gotten standing ovations from the crowd — that’s what matters in this competition,” Wicks told PEOPLE following his elimination. “It’s one of those bittersweet moments. We’re leaving the ballroom floor, but now we’re going to go back to what we love, and that’s country music.”

For the first time in the season, Melissa Rycroft, who was unable to perform Monday night due to a rib injury, and partner Tony Dovolani had the lowest scores and faced elimination.

When she found out she was staying another week, she shed a few tears while hugging her partner tightly.

“I think it’s impossible for anyone to feel happy on these days,” Rycroft said. “Even if you are relieved and happy that you get to come back the next week, you’re heartbroken that your friends are leaving who have put in the same amount of work that you have.”

As for Wicks, who had never danced before joining the competition, he says he and Hough won’t quit dancing.

“We’ll probably do a lot of slow dancing,” he said, adding, “I don’t know about ballroom dancing.” –Elaine Aradillas

Tell us: Are you surprised Chuck was sent home? Who do you think should have been eliminated?

Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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