Christopher Meloni Shares the Sweet Story of How Goldie Hawn & Amy Schumer Comforted Him After His Mother's Death

"I needed that moment," Meloni said about Hawn comforting him the day after his mother's death

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer extended their condolences to Christopher Meloni when they learned about his mother’s passing in the sweetest — and most humorous — way.

Speaking with The Talk co-hosts on Wednesday, the former Law & Order: SVU actor shared the story about how the two actresses comforted him on set just a day after his mother died.

“We were shooting in Hawaii and I did a few of my scenes for a couple weeks there and then they said ‘We’re not going to need you for a while, so you go home.’ So I went back east and unfortunately my mother got ill and so she passed,” Meloni, 55, said on the talk show. “I actually had to leave her bedside, flew and by the time I landed, she had passed. So no one knew except for the producers and the director and they were all very sweet and kind.”

Early the next morning, Meloni said that he was working on more scene with Hawn and Schumer on the set of Snatched and the trio had to take a little boat up the river to film.

“Goldie Hawn and I start talking. I say, ‘I just came from D.C. That’s where I was.’ And she was like, ‘D.C.? What were you doing in D.C.?’ She goes, ‘I’m from D.C.’ … and she says, ‘What were you doing in D.C.’ And I didn’t want to be coy about it — and I also didn’t want to make a big deal — but I said, ‘Well, to be honest, my mother passed,’ ” Meloni explained to the 71-year-old actress.

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“Oh, she grabs me. … And she hugs me tight. She goes, ‘I know, I know,’ ” Meloni described about Hawn’s warm embrace. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, what a beautiful —’ I needed that moment, right?”

But when Schumer, 35, found out about the death of his mom, she took a more light-hearted approach to cheering him up.

“And then Amy, she goes ‘Wait, what did you just say?’ I said, ‘Well, my mother passed.’ She goes, ‘Oh, that’s terrible. Hold on one second,’ ” he said with a laugh as he brought his cell phone to his face, copying what Schumer did when she was told the sad news.

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And Schumer’s humor was just what he needed in that moment.

“I knew she was joking. … How courageous that she — she invited, she needed to diffuse all of that obvious emotion that was filling up the boat,” said Meloni, who added, “And later — this was even cuter — later she goes, ‘You know I was kidding, right?’ ”

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