Christmas (and Mistletoe?) on 'House'

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Just when you’ve finally sucked up of every last lingering strand of tinsel, it’s holiday season again — on House. Because of the writers’ strike, producers held over some episodes until 2008, so Tuesday’s show is actually the Christmas episode complete with a Secret Santa gift exchange. But when PEOPLE caught up with Olivia Wilde, we were more interested in hearing if Thirteen and Dr. House would be smooching under the mistletoe.

“I never picked up on romantic tension between Thirteen and House,” said Wilde, who previous starred in The Black Donnellys. “But I have read the speculation about them. At this point, what I see between them is not a romantic connection — it’s a mutual respect between two very unorthodox and stubborn doctors. But anything is possible with her because she’s unpredictable.”

Wilde says though she was a fan of House before joined the cast — she became a series regular right before the writers’ strike — she’s been an even bigger fan of Hugh Laurie (Dr. House). “I loved him since A Little Bit of Fry and Laurie and Blackadder and a lot of his British shows that here don’t know him from,” she says. “It’s amazing when an actor can stretch themselves between two genres and do it so successfully. So I had a immense respect for him before. But I also loved the show itself.”

As for tonight’s post-holiday holiday episode, Wilde said the timing is off, but it’s not that unusual for the offbeat show. “I think the fact that it’s Christmas is odd and funny,” she told reporters, “but it’s also in the vein of House humor. Something House would do is throw Christmas late.” –Suzy Byrne

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