Courtesy of Christina Milian
September 22, 2013 11:00 AM

She’s only a week into the competition, but Dancing With the Stars contestant Christina Milian is already feeling the effects of those daily dance rehearsals – she’s losing weight.

“I’ve already lost 7lbs since I started #dwts! Owww!” she Tweeted on Saturday, along with a pic of herself in David Lerner leggings that showcased her slimmer legs and torso.

Milian, 31, isn’t the first star who’s lost weight after joining the reality show – Kelly Osbourne shed 20 lbs., Marie Osmond dropped 31 lbs. before going on to lose 16 more after the competition ended, Chaz Bono kick-started a 65-lb. weight loss on the show, and Kirstie Alley claimed that she lost a staggering 100 lbs.

But not all the celebrities who competed on the show have been happy about their sudden slim-downs – Jane Seymour told PEOPLE in 2007 that she was trying to put some weight back on after shedding 20 lbs. from her rigorous dance training.

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