Danielle Milian lost her son to a birth defect in August

By Lindsay Kimble
November 03, 2015 01:55 PM

In a heartbreaking moment captured in Christina Milian‘s family reality show Turned Up, the singer’s sister Danielle Milian contemplates what to do after learning her then-unborn child has a life-threatening birth defect.

“On top of having all of his organs exposed, my son also has a rotated heart, and it’s lying down 90 degrees, which means it’s laying down flat, and we’re not sure whether that’s going to be an additional difficulty that he’s going to have to have surgery for,” Danielle says in a sneak peak of Tuesday’s season 2 premiere.

Sadly, Danielle and her husband Richard Dickerson lost their baby boy one day after he was born in August due to omphalocele – the defect that caused the internal organs to grow outside his body.

“Yesterday I was blessed with the birth of my Richie Bear. Unfortunately, last night he took his place with the Lord and we said goodbye,” Danielle wrote on Instagram after the baby’s death. “I so appreciate the prayers and support from everyone. He touched my heart and was perfect in so many ways.”

In the clip, Danielle reveals that her son had a 57 percent chance at survival, and she, at the time, only had a few weeks left to decide whether she was going to follow through with her pregnancy or terminate it.

Even if she did go through with the pregnancy, she says, the baby could have been stillborn.

“In some people’s eyes that’s the humane thing to do,” Danielle tearfully tells her husband. “The right thing to do would be to not make your child suffer. I don’t want to make my baby suffer just because I want him.”

Christina Milian Turned Up airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on E!