"That was just one incident," the Mad Men star protested to Conan O'Brien

By Alex Heigl
April 08, 2014 09:00 AM

Mad Men‘s title doesn’t refer to star Christina Hendricks‘s effect on men, but apparently that’s not much of a stretch.

While visiting Conan on Monday, Hendricks related a time that one gawker got a little carried away, and almost had to be, well, carried away.

Conan O’Brien asked Hendricks what it was like to have men become “silly and dopey” around her. She told a story about how, once, “This guy was riding a bike by and he starts staring at me … the guy just hit the curb and flew off his bike.”

“Yes! That’s exactly what I’m talking about,” O’Brien said, to which Hendricks protested, “This was just one incident!”

Hendricks also mentioned that after Mad Men‘s final season wraps, she’ll be ditching her red hair and returning to her natural blonde.

We wonder if Jon Hamm will be returning to his pre-Draper hairstyle as well.

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